Professional Nail Printer

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Professional nail printing machine, you can not live without it, ease of use and a multitude of options to make your own creations. You will not leave anyone indifferent, get unique looks for your clients, you will leave them fascinated.

 How to use:
-Apply PG4 print coating glue (PG4 to absorb water-based inks to lighten the printed   pattern)
-Nail painter print
-Apply disposable sealant (as a protective layer, waterproof and wear resistant, long   lasting shine)

  • Any pattern can be printed on the nails
  • Automatic nail size recognition
  • HD painted, 2400 DPI print resolution, resists drying and prevents ink clogging
  • Pattern can be selected with APP, online shopping mall with many styles for you to choose
  • Size: 390 * 235 * 500mm
  • Touch Screen Size: 10.1 inch
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Android system
  • Power supply: DC24V / 2A
  • One cartridge can print 800 nails
  • Nail plate seat * 1
  • Power adapter * 1
  • Special Cartridge * 1
  • Jam Test * 1
  • PG4 10ML * 1 Printing Coating Glue
  • Disposable Sealer 7ML * 1
  • Cleaning bag * 10
  • Detachable NM Cleaning Adhesive 7ML * 1
  • Peelable Nail Protector * 3 lots (18 pieces / lot)
  • Sand strip * 1
  • Card type phototherapy lamp * 1 (68 * 35 * 7.5MM)

Shipping: Our suppliers are all from China and Japan. Some have different warehouses in Europe, the UK, Russia and the USA, so shipments can vary from 3 to 30 days depending on which warehouse the order is shipped from. Some already give you the option to choose where you want the shipment from. Remember that for Covid reasons your order may be delayed for a few days. In some countries they can end up withholding your order because you have to pay some type of fee, in which case the buyer must pay it, it only occurs in rare cases.

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