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GPS for car, motorcycle or for everything that can be stolen, know at all times where your vehicle is and recover it. Do not hesitate with Mini GPS For Vehicles Tracker Online is an easy system to install and use

  • Real-time tracking location by SMS / GPRS;
  • Speeding alarm;
  • With 2 time intervals, it will save data when the tracker stops.
  • Connect the external relay to control the oil and vehicle circuit (optional), the relay is for remote oil control and vehicle circuit.
  • USB powered
  • Website:
  • User: identification number on the device
  • Pass: 123456 (please change after receiving the device)
  • Send SMS configure the tracker (set IP and APN) to connect the platform
  • the IP: port (sinotracker): 8090,
  • For more information, see the user manual.
  • Send 3 SMS to the tracker below:
  • SMS1: 7100000
  • SMS2: 8040000 45,112,204,217 8090
  • SMS3: 8030000 APN APNuser APNpassword (if APN needs username and password)
  • APN is the network of access points of the SIM card, if you do not know APN, check it with the operator of your SIM card. or check the apn from here for reference.
  • Application name: SinoTrack PRO
  • You can download the form APP Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android)
  • Item Size 8.5cm*2.5cm*1cm
  • Voltage 12V
  • Network GSM/GPRS
  • working voltage 6 to 80 Volts

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