Panoramic Home Security 960P

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Today one of the things that worries us the most is the safety of all of us. It is in our hands to be able to protect them with maximum security. Having cameras in the house keeps away anyone who has the intention of stealing and causing their space to be violated. Do not hesitate, take care of yours.

  • 360 degree panoramic monitoring
  • Wireless connection, widely used in living room, office, store
  • Accurate motion detection is the hallmark of camera security. Any minimal movement is accurately detected and alerts you immediately
  • The support app turns the light on / off manually. Dual-use camera and bulb, when you don't need monitor, you can use as bulb
  • The speakers and microphone have the best clarity
  • Dual mode audio
  • Choose between intercom or hands-free
  • The TF card slot allows you to insert a 64GB Micro TF card, which means you can save images and videos for later viewing. Meanwhile, the large memory allows you to record everything you want without wasting a moment.
  • Standard E27 mouth, supports 110 - 220 V,
  • Installation as easy as replacing a light bulb
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, IOS, Windows 10
  • Supported Mobile Sistem: Android, IOS
  • High Definition 960P HD
  • Lens 1.44mm
  • Power Consumption(W): 3W
  • Sensor: CMOS
  • Megapixels1.3MP
  • Sensor Brand SONY
  • Vandal-proof
  • Telefon Alarm
  • Video Compression Format: H.264
  • Power Supply(V): AC 110V~220V
  •  Infrared
  • Dimensions (L x W x D) 98*75*26mm
  • Network Interface Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g
  • Resolution: 1280*960P

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