Professional Mini Digital Microphone

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Mini microphone easy to use and carry, record what you want, when you want and where you want. You can put it in pockets, bags, shirts ... where your imagination allows. High sound quality. Ideal for conversations, interviews, meeting decisions, conferences, talks, lectures, concerts, sermons, ceremonies, training sessions, phone conversations, radio shows.

  • No sound, no light during recording.
  • Built-in high definition noise reduction chip STWZP-010 for acoustic wave cancellation in different environment.
  • Voice-activated smart recording: recording begins
  • Built-in time chip, synchronized with the computer, recording and time synchronization, easy to organize, improves credibility
  • 58 hours of continuous recording
  • High capacity lithium battery.
  • If the human ear can hear it, the voice recorder can record
  • Record everything you can hear.
  • HIFI headphones hear the same
  • You can't imagine such a clear voice
  • Delete files directly
  • When turned off automatically saves recordings
  • Fast forward playback
  • You can listen to the recording while recording.
  • Playback Formats MP3
  • Playback Formats WAV, WMA
  • Dimensions 5*2.3*0.8cm
  • Record Audio Format WAV
  • Dynamic noise depth reduction yes
  • Intelligent filter noise reduction yes
  • Automatic zoom microphone system yes

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