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Today one of the things that worries us the most is the safety of all of us. It is in our hands to be able to protect them with maximum security. Having cameras in the house keeps away anyone who has the intention of stealing and causing their space to be violated. Do not hesitate, take care of yours.

  • GSM system with 120 wireless zones, 2 wired zones and digital clock display
  • It has highly integrated digital voice, SMS, self-learning wireless communication code, remote device control, and text messaging technologies.
  • The alarm can be integrated with many alarm accessories, including door sensors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, emergency buttons, and other accessories to build a powerful security setup.
  • 6 groups voice alarm phone number for alert calls, 3 groups phone number for help sensor, 6 groups for SMS messages, numbers stored inside EEPROM without loss due to power failure
  • Supports ISD automatic voicemail for message playback after alert. The maximum length of the voice message is 10 seconds.
  • Different zones can dial a preset phone number
  • Wireless smart studio coding, compatible with normal PT2262 coding and 1527 coding, convenient and flexible for adding or reducing accessories. Maximum support 150 remote control and 150 sensors
  • Panel with built-in Ni-Hi rechargeable battery and automatically switchable in case of power failure, and SMS notification will be sent
  • Integrated panel with quad-band GSM / GPRS industrial classification module, stable and reliable
  • You can add 150 wireless detectors Comprehensive protection home security
  • SMS / call alarm
  • Backup battery
  • When the door sensor is activated, it will sound and send a signal to the system panel.
  • The alarm system host will ring and send an SMS / call to your preset phone number.
  • You will receive the notification the first time: The zone 1 door sensor is alarming!
  • Built-in microphone and speaker, it is the alarm as well as a phone.
  • Remote intercom and remote intruder control.
  • Wireless frequency 433 (MHz)
  • Standby current: less than 55 mA
  • Alarm current: less than 450mA
  • Control range: 250-500 feet (in open area)
  • Working temperature: -15C ~ 55C (5F ~ 130F); Humidity: not more than 90%
  • Input: AC100-240V
  • Buile in NI-HI rechargeable battery is available to provide power supply almost 5 hours automatically after power off.
  • Standby current: less than 12uA
  • Alarm current: less than 15 mA
  • operating temperature: -10C ~ 50C; Humidity: not more than 90%
  • Installation height: about 2M. Installation angel: about 60 ~ 110
  • Detection distance: 5-8M
  • Transmission time not less than 1 s
  • Transmission distance: 100M outdoor (unobstructed), indoor: 10 ~ 15M
  • Operation current: 8 ~ 15mA
  • Quiescent current: 3uA
  • Operating frequency: 433MHz
  • Operating temperature: -10C ~ 50C; Humidity: not more than 90%
  • Installation: less than 15mm between 2 parts.
  • Transmission distance: outdoor 100m (unobstructed), indoor: 10m
  • Operation current: 10MA
  • Operating frequency: 433MHz
  • Button 3, 4: Arm Mode, Home Arm Mode, Emergency Mode, and Disarm Mode)
  • Shipping distance: outdoor 80 ~ 100M (unobstructed), indoor: 8 ~ 10M
  • Operating temperature: -10C ~ 50C; Humidity: not more than 90%
  • 110dB / m
  • wired to host
  • Operating temperature: -10C ~ 50C; Humidity: not more than 90%

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