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Security is one of the main things of concern today, it is not surprising how the world is going. Protect your house with an electronic lock, no one can enter or leave without your family knowing. Set limits for your security, you can place the lock, in houses, apartments, hotels, shops, warehouses ... It is very easy to place and use, do not hesitate to protect what you want most, family, business, customers ...

  • Share keys and electronic codes and select how long you want them to be valid without worrying about losing the keys. Control is entirely in your hand through time settings.
  • You can easily check opening records through our app to control who accessed your lock and when it was accessed.
  • Silent mode for your family.
  • Passage mode the application has access to change the lock to pass mode, it means that the lock will not close and will remain open at all times. .
  • It is more than a smart home lock, it is also good for the office. You can verify the daily attendance of all staff, who access the door by application, card or password.
  • Privacy lock inside to keep your privacy.
  • Material 304 # stainless steel
  • Color available black, silver, red bronze
  • Panel sizes L 2306 (mm) * W 75 (mm)
  • Unlock method Bluetooth app, M1 card, access code, bracelet or key
  • TT lock application name
  • Bluetooth 4.0 communication above
  • Support system: IOS7.0 or Android 4.4 or above
  • Power supply: DC6V, 4 alkaline batteries
  • Static current: 45Ua
  • Dynamic current: <200Ma
  • Unlock time: 1-1.5 seconds

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